Whatever sector you are engaged in, we naturally can provide the required socioeconomic and geographical data, including enterprise, management and IT consultancy. Whether your consulting activities are primarily oriented towards banking and insurance, retail or real estate, marketing or transport, you can rise above the competition using our data products.

  • Business Data: DDS has at its disposal for you intensively researched business data for the analysis of economic structure at various regional levels. Using the constantly updated database from the firm microm we offer professional information on more than 3.1 million active businesses, including turnover, sectors or solvency (creditworthiness).
  • GfK Financial Market Data: these are strategically vital data when it comes to marketing and sales decisions. The financial market data are available at all regional levels from district to street section and offer you optimal support in the planning and management of sales and customer support via head office, branch office or field staff.
  • Points of Interest provide you with rapid and reliable site-specific neighborhood information: quantity and location of competitors, schools, discos, train stations and shopping centers. Our substantial selection of local data is able to support you in every manner of location analysis providing you with vital information relating to transport connections, infrastructure, branches of trading or catering chains, industrial structure of local firms and much more besides.
  • Digital Data Streets, the detailed road network based on HERE (formerly Navteq) or TomTom, is available for Europe as well as for the USA. The road network contains all vehicle-access roads and routes with indication of the highway type plus additional information. This includes place files, street indexes, populated areas, inshore waters, public facilities and "points of interest" (stations, hotels, shopping centers). The dataset attains a resolution of 15m in urban areas and 215m in rural areas.
  • Insurance Agency Networks: we can provide you with information regarding the agency network concentration of Germany's 16 largest insurance companies, giving you details of your competitors' presence in specific areas. This decisive advantage simplifies the task of planning agency locations and fully exploiting the potential of the individual regions.
  • Sociodemographics, i.e. the use of infrastructure and household data. Using the social demographic basic data you are able to draw upon population details, for instance.

DDS can provide you with all the data you require as a successful consultancy business. From digital maps to customized data, to tools and software – and of course the entire data package including introduction and training, if required.


Free test data
In our download area you find free test data of more than 20 DDS products.

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