The financial potential in the households of Germany's various regions is a vital factor in determining potential insurance customers and pinpointing the regions or areas with the most promising prospects of initial and follow-on sales.

Which health, automobile, accident, life or other insurance policy has your potential customer already taken out? What are the prospects for pension provision and financial investments? We have the right answer to these questions or at least the relevant socioeconomic and business data.

  • Insurance Agency Networks: we can provide you with information covering the agency network concentration for Germany's 26 largest insurance companies, giving you details about your competitors' presence in specific areas. This decisive advantage simplifies the task of planning agency locations and fully exploiting the potential of the individual regions.
  • GfK Financial Market Data: this is strategically vital information when it comes to marketing and sales decisions. The financial market data are available at all regional levels from district to street section and offer you optimal support in the planning and management of sales and customer support via head office, branch office or field staff.
  • Sociodemographics, i.e. the use of infrastructure and household data. Using the social demographic basic data you are able to draw upon population details, for instance.
  • Address Data: DDS can of course provide you with address data of all descriptions, composed according to a wide variety of aspects such as sector or employee head-count. In addition to the regular information we are also able to deliver the address data geocoded, in other words in a form that can be displayed graphically. If required we can also further process the data for individual applications. Our collaboration with reliable, recognized partners combined with the use of geographic IT systems can therefore result in considerable cost and time savings.

DDS can provide you with all the data you require in order to identify the financial potential of German citizens. From digital maps to customized data, to tools and software – and of course the entire data package including introduction and training, if required.


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