Economic route planning, effective cost calculation and rapid, flexible operational control are vital success factors for every modern logistics business. The professional deployment of these tools results not only in more cost effective, but also more rapid, deliveries to the destination or customer.

We can assist you in securing these competitive advantages:

  • Distance Tables for the fastest calculation of distance from A to B. DDS provides distance tables clearly organized by starting point, destination, distance and driving time. Computed distances and driving times to all German and European locations of interest to you are individually tailored to your own sites.
  • Various types of map displays provide you with an overview of your most important customer and corporate data, so as to avoid unnecessary unladen runs or to allow navigation to a valued customer from the strategically optimal support point.
  • Professional routing, i.e., the calculation of journey times and routes between various destinations helps you decide whether to take the shortest, the fastest or the most economical route, whether by truck or automobile, and with or without toll routes.
  • Geocoding, that is the determination of geographic coordinates of any places, delivers the required data for the most diverse automated functions, such as map display of all address data or the transmission of travel or route planning details to navigation systems.
  • Intranet and Internet connections enable, for instance, position-fixing of your own vehicles or shipment tracking for your customer.
  • Digital Data Streets, the detailed road network based on HERE (formerly Navteq) or TomTom, is available for Europe as well as for the USA. The road network contains all vehicle-access roads and routes with indication of the highway type plus additional information.

DDS can provide you with all you require to achieve these goals, from digital road networks, to geocoding, to tools and software – and naturally the entire application, including on-site introduction, instruction and training, if required.


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