Direct connection of your transport to the highway network, short distances from the central warehouse to offices or factories, good customer accessibility for service personnel or speedy deliveries at peak traffic hours: the unrestricted mobility of your own vehicle fleet is a decisive factor in securing vital competitive advantages.

DDS can help guarantee your mobility without losing sight of travel or transport costs. On the contrary, we can even help you shorten routes to the customer and while significantly reducing overall costsat the same time.

  • Professional Routing, i.e., the calculation of journey times and distances between various destinations helps you decide whether to take the shortest, the speediest or the most economical route, whether by truck or automobile, and with or without toll routes.
  • Geocoding, that is the determination of geographic coordinates of any given locations, delivers the required data for the most diverse automated functions, such as the graphical display of all your address data or the transmission of travel or route planning details to navigation systems.
  • A wide variety of map displays provide you at lightning speed with an overview of the most essential customer and enterprise data to avoid unladen journeys, for instance, or to allow navigation to a valued customer from the strategically optimal support point.

DDS can provide you with all the data you require here, from the digital road network to geocoding to tools and software – and of course the entire application including introduction and training, if required.


Free test data
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