The thorough planning of your sales region is indispensable for the optimization of your sales operations. Overlapping sales regions can have dire consequences for your cost calculations. At the same time optimal customer support can no longer be assured.

We can offer the following data packages for these tasks:

  • Digital Data Streets, the detailed road network based on HERE (formerly Navteq) or TomTom, is available for Europe as well as for the USA. The road network contains all vehicle-access roads and routes with indication of the highway type plus additional information.
  • Land Usage Data: in addition to Digital Data Streets we also offer highly accurate and up to date land usage data for the whole of Germany. These allow you to identify at a glance the edges of built-up or unsettled areas.
  • Distance Tables for the fastest calculation of distance from A to B. DDS provides distance tables clearly organized by starting point, destination, distance and driving time. Computed distances and driving times to all German and European locations of interest to you are individually tailored to your own sites.
  • Aerial Photographs are suitable, for instance, for the rapid resolution of locational issues. DDS provides you with digital aerial views for an ever increasing number of European cities.
  • Address Data: DDS can of course provide you with address data of all descriptions, composed according to a wide variety of aspects such as sector or employee head-count. In addition to the regular information we are also able to deliver the address data geocoded, in other words in a form that can be graphically displayed. If required, we can also further process the data for individual applications. Our collaboration with reliable, recognized partners combined with the use of geographic IT systems can therefore result in considerable cost and time savings.

DDS can provide you with all the data you require for effective, successful sales operations. From digital maps to customized data, to tools and software – and of course the entire data package including introduction and training, if required.


Free test data
In our download area you find free test data of more than 20 DDS products.

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