SITE PLANNING – more success through ideal site factors


In many cases the selection of the optimal site for branches, production facilities, or logistics centers is crucial for economic success, maximizing revenues, and saving costs. DDS supports you in getting control of all the site factors that are important for you - from the detailed street network Digital Data Streets to traffic patterns, and business analysis data.

With our help you can use decisive competitive advantages: Shorter paths from the delivery warehouse to the customer, branches that can be reached quickly by high frequency of pedestrian clientele, or optimal road access for logistics companies can quickly determine important market shares.

In addition to a variety of geodata and market data for successful site planning, DDS also offers the following data packages and services:

  • Digital Data Streets, the detailed street network based on HERE (formerly Navteq) or TomTom data, is available for Europe and the USA. The street network contains all practible roads and routes with specification of the respective road type and other supplemental information.
  • Routable data such as distance tables for fastest possible determination of the distance from point A to point B. DDS supplies you with distance tables efficiently organized by site, destination, distance, and driving time. Tailored to the sites that are relevant for you, distances and travel times are determined for all sites in Germany and Europe.
  • The points of interest quickly and reliably provide information about the neighborhood of a site: Number and location of competitors, schools, discotheques, railway stations, and shopping centers. Our wide selection of site data supports you in all areas of site analysis and thus offers important information concerning traffic connections, infrastructure, branches of retail chains or restaurant chains, the business sector structure of companies in the area, and much more.
  • Purchasing power key indicators represent indispensable information for your sales or site planning. For example this includes income and purchasing power of the residential population, rent levels in the respective region, infrastructure, and turnover data. With purchasing power key indicators however you can also evaluate whether demand and consumer acceptance exists for your products and services.
  • Business analysis data: For analysis of the commercial infrastructure on different regional levels, DDS can make intensively researched business analysis data available for you. With our partner company's continuously updated data repository we offer qualified information such as revenue, industry, or credit-worthiness for more than 3.1 million commercially-active companies.
  • A wide variety of map display options provide a lightning-fast overview of your most important customer and company data, for example in order to avoid unnecessary empty runs or to make delivery to a major customer from the strategically most favorable support point.

DDS offers all the data that you need for effective and successful site planning. From digital maps, to data that is custom-tailored to your requirement, to tools and software – on request we can offer you the entire data package including on-site instruction or training.


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