At DDS telecommunications companies find outstanding planning data and market data, particularly for two industry-specific application areas: The effective and economical extension of line networks and target-group oriented planning of sales territories and marketing strategies.

For telecommunications companies the following products from the DDS offering are particularly interesting:

  • Digital Data Streets, the detailed road network based on HERE (formerly Navteq) or TomTom, is available for Europe as well as for the USA. The road network contains all vehicle-access roads and routes with indication of the highway type plus additional information. This includes place files, street indexes, populated areas, inshore waters, public facilities and "points of interest" (stations, hotels, shopping centers). The dataset attains a resolution of 5m in urban areas and 25m in rural areas.
  • Land Usage Data: In addition to Digital Data Streets we also offer highly accurate and up to date land usage data for the whole of Germany. These allow you to identify at a glance the edges of built-up or unsettled areas, for example.
  • Our Elevation Data are suitable for the production of 3D images or simulations, but they can also be utilized for appealing background maps.
  • Sociodemographics, i.e. the use of infrastructure and household data. Using the social demographic basic data you are able to draw upon population details, for instance.

DDS can provide you with all the data you require for any marketing concerning telecommunication themes. From digital maps to customized data, to tools and software – and of course the entire data package including introduction and training, if required.


Free test data
In our download area you find free test data of more than 20 DDS products.

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