Retail is one of the many application areas for our data. If you are deciding branch locations for retail outlets we have precisely the data you need. Besides information covering infrastructure, purchasing patterns and the industrial structure of existing businesses, we can also provide the required distance tables, as well as data relating to local building development. Using this information you are able to effectively plan whether or not opening a branch in a particular region will pay for itself.

Of course we do not only deliver the data you need. If required, we are also more than happy to perform extremely effective potential and locational analyses tailored to your market position.

Likewise for businesses that would like to carry out the corresponding analysis and planning themselves, we offer here a great range of spatial and market-oriented information besides the data detailed above:

  • Buying (Purchasing) Power Indices are essential data for your sales or location planning. These include, for instance, local income and buying power. Additional data are available covering apartment rental prices in the respective region, infrastructure and sales details. Using the buying (purchasing) power indices you are also able to judge whether demand and buying disposition exist for your products and services.
  • Points of Interest provide you with rapid and reliable site-specific neighborhood information: quantity and location of competitors, schools, discos, train stations and shopping centers. Our substantial selection of local data is able to support you in every manner of location analysis providing you with vital information relating to transport connections, infrastructure, branches of trading or catering chains, industrial structure of local firms and much more besides.
  • Micro-Geographic Data comprise economic factors such as social class, professional qualifications or purchasing patterns pertaining to various product lines, for example. What is more, DDS provides further details regarding the situation in built-up areas, the pattern of building development, age of head of households, mobility of residents, as well as predominant automobile brands or purchasing-power.
  • Distance Tables for the fastest calculation of distance from A to B. DDS provides distance tables clearly organized by starting point, destination, distance and driving time. Computed distances and driving times to all German and European locations of interest individually tailored to your own sites.

DDS can provide you with all the data you require for effective and successful site planning. From digital maps to customized data, to tools and software – and of course the entire data package including introduction and training, if required.


Free test data
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