A broad-based international data network gives DDS direct access to a comprehensive worldwide collection of geographic, socioeconomic, lifestyle, PoI and address data. In the unusual event that a data set is not immediately available at DDS, then they are usually able to locate and procure it quickly. Our reputation and the international activities of our parent company, PTV Group, enable us to access almost any data set available on the market today.

The highly-qualified, experienced and interdisciplinary-working staff at DDS is the guarantee that all of our clients receive a competent, fast and efficient solution recommendation for even the most complex requests.

As the leading independent geospatial data supplier in Germany, DDS provides neutral platforms giving information on current trends in the geospatial market sector as well as best-practice solutions. In addition to our internet website, we organise an annual conference, the "DDS Data Days Practice Forum", highlighting specific, vertical applications and enabling participants to interact with experts and other users. Another example is the magazine "Zoom!", which offers a detailed look into developments relevant to the market for geospatial data.

Managing Director Ernest McCutcheon: Short Facts on DDS


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While DDS made a name for itself in the early years as one of the first providers of geodata and the corresponding software predominantly with businesses from the geographic data and GIS sectors, nowadays small and large organizations from all industries increasingly seek our support when it comes to the planning and execution of marketing activities, spatial cost and efficiency considerations, fleet management or site analysis and territorial planning.


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