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The detailed road and street network "DIGITAL DATA STREETS" is available for Europe as well as for the USA, and can be delivered based on HERE (formerly Navteq) or TomTom source data according to your specific requirements.

This product is based upon comprehensive and highly accurate navigation data inventories which may also be used for applications beyond simple route management. Positional accuracy attains a precision of 5m in urban areas and approximately 25m in rural regions.

For Germany DIGITAL DATA STREETS attain a coverage of 97% in which 9,200 municipalities are available down to the level of house number ranges. More than 82,000 places are listed throughout Europe, around half of them to the resolution of house number ranges.

The product DIGITAL DATA STREETS is available in two specifications: the GIS specification is particularly suitable for geomarketing tasks and contains data for graphical display and for the use of geographic systems (GIS). The ROUTE specification is especially tailored to the applications routing, tracking and fleet management.

The GIS Version contains in detail:

  • detailed highway network with the attributes street names, street categories, display style and pedestrian zones;
  • street index;
  • point locations;
  • topographic layers with populated areas, railroads, airports, ferry routes, parking lots, industrial zones, waterways, green spaces, public parks, etc.;
  • Points of Interest (POIs) such as train stations, hotels, shopping centers, etc.

The ROUTE edition on the other hand provides:

  • detailed highway network with street names and categories, display style and type of street (speed limit), road junctions and lengths, one-way streets and turning bans;
  • street index;
  • point locations;
  • topographic layers with populated areas and railroads;
  • Points of Interest available in addition if required.

We would also be glad to deliver dataset extracts for various marketing areas or individual towns or cities. We also provide attractive additional information – compatible with DIGITAL DATA STREETS - such as land utilization data for instance.