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The DDS Deutschlandpaket contains comprehensive geographic data for Germany. Road network, topographic overview data, administrative boundaries at federal, regional, district and municipal level, postal code boundaries and approximately 62,000 point locations form the basis for precise analysis and can be linked with a great variety of demographic and market data.

The DDS Deutschlandpaket provides an excellent foundation for the creation of a wide variety of thematic maps. Thanks to the annual update frequency you are able to make use of the most up-to-date data content.

For marketing purposes in particular you can also obtain three further complete packages from DDS containing, in addition to the geographic data described above, the corresponding demographic and market data for various applications:

  • Deutschland PLUS Sozio contains comprehensive sociodemographic basis data such as information on population density and structure - both domestic and commercial. Additional data on private vehicle quantity and density are also available for the whole of Germany.
  • Deutschland PLUS Kaufkraft is a valuable instrument for the analysis of target groups and market potential. In addition to population details, the package provides data on households by income group, buying (purchasing) power per inhabitant and buying power index.
  • Deutschland PLUS Kaufkraft (EH) is especially suitable for Geomarketing in the retail sector and contains essentially the same data as Deutschland PLUS Kaufkraft but specifically related to retail.