A reliable distance calculation is a strict prerequisite for effective sales control, modern fleet management and numerous marketing tasks.

DDS supports you in this area, for example with distances matrices or lists, specific distance determination between selected points, or comprehensive data matrices for Europe-wide distance determination.

  • For frequent distance determinations from or to any desired location the "EWS Road Distance Matrix" (EWS) supplies the necessary data. For more than 116,000 places in Germany and more than 550,000 places Europe-wide, all distances between two locations are stored in a distance matrix. This distance matrix can be easily integrated in your existing ERP/DP system.
  • If you only require distances in a regionally limited area or for selected places, such as branch offices or customer locations, we can create custom distance tables tailored to your requirements as an alternative to EWS. Here you utilize the highest possible accuracy for your routing with the lowest possible data volume, DDS supplies you with the distance tables clearly sorted by location, destination, distance or travel time.
  • Professional routing, i.e. the calculation of travel times and distances between different stations, facilitates your decision as to whether you should select the shortest, fastest, or the most cost-effective route, whether with truck or car, with or without tolls.
  • Reachability regions can also be created on the basis of professional routing. At a glance they show the places, for example, that can be reached in 5 minutes travel time. More than a pure distance calculation, with this time-dependant presentation a particularly practical instrument is available, e.g. for every field service planning task.


Free test data
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