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In our download area you find free test data of more than 20 DDS products.

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Besides our specific data for almost all countries all over the world we also offer world maps – especially for cross-national reflections.

DDS has different world maps in its offering which can be effectively combined with supplemental data. The most popular include:

The GLOBAL MAPS WORLD MAPS are available in three versions.
For example, Global Insight Plus contains current political borders in 1:3m and 1:1m scale, coast lines, time zones, a gazetteer in different languages (in part), built-up areas, streets, railway lines, airports with IATA code, ports with UN/LOCODE, rivers and lakes. Individual map elements, such as time zones or the gazetteers, are available separately.

The AND/PTV WORLD MAP is available in high detail (>1:250.000) for Europe and the complete Asiatic part of Russia. The AND world map is available for the rest of the world; in addition it contains the provincial boundaries and a variety of points of interest (POI).