DDS can provide you with custom maps and analyses for a wide variety of applications enabling you to keep track of geographic connections far more clearly. Thanks to the visualization of market concepts, route planning, statistics or other applications, you are able to gain a valuable and often essential overview for you and your clients. Make use of our comprehensive range and let our expert team produce the appropriate maps for you.

Examples of visualization of geographic connections:

  • Address Data: DDS can provide you with address data of all descriptions, composed according to a wide variety of aspects such as sector or employee head-count. In addition to the regular information we are also able to deliver the address data geocoded, in other words in a form that can be graphically displayed.
  • Business Data: DDS has at its disposal for you intensively researched business data for the analysis of economic structure at various regional levels, which are likewise presentable as maps, of course.
  • Statistical areas based on Market Cells represent a nationwide subdivision of Germany into logical area units comprising an average of 400 households. Our inventory currently comprises 85,000 market cells based upon around 1.45 million street sections. In addition to coordinate points market cell data comprise zip codes, borough codes (Gemeindekennziffer), town, district and street names, house number range, as well as details on counting method.
  • Points of Interest provide you with rapid and reliable site-specific neighborhood information: quantity and location of competitors, schools, discos, train stations and shopping centers. Our substantial selection of local data is able to support you in every manner of location analysis providing you with vital information relating to transport connections, infrastructure, branches of trading or catering chains, industrial structure of local firms and much more besides.
  • Topographic Data cover information relating to the location and extent of inshore waters, forestry or other territorial areas. The type of development, such as residential or industrial, and the form of land usage, for instance airports, military zones or parking lots are likewise included, and also be graphically displayed.


Free test data
In our download area you find free test data of more than 20 DDS products.

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