DDS is not only a leading supplier of geographic data and tools and software for use in GIS systems. One of our strengths rests in individual and results-oriented customer consultancy, when it comes to the application, deployment and lucrative usage of data and software.

Whether it relates to regional planning, site analysis, data research or map creation, the development of a geoinformation system (GIS) or the integration of new modules into your existing system, we put our entire expertise to use to propose the best resources or results-oriented solution for you.

Using the consultancy services of DDS, one of the first providers in the European market, you can utilize a broad spectrum of data resources and expertise:

  • rapid access to comprehensive geographic and sociodemographic data,
  • the generation of market analyses,
  • regional planning and geocoding,
  • the visualization of geographic interrelationships in thematic maps,
  • the deployment of professional GIS systems,
  • the development of special extension tools and, last but not least,
  • an interdisciplinary coactive team.

We can therefore provide you with the optimal prerequisites allowing you to concentrate on your main tasks, in other words, the proficient, efficient and speedy solution of your specific, complex tasks.


Free test data
In our download area you find free test data of more than 20 DDS products.

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