On the one hand we can adapt your data, and on the other we can tailor our standard packages to your individual requirements. From address, business and financial market data, to distance tables, points of interest and topography data, DDS's stock includes almost all potential and geographical data available in Europe. However, these need to be configured to the needs of your organization.

If you do require adapted data not in accordance with our stock or your dataset we will gladly undertake the customization for you. This results in cost and time savings for you, allowing you to concentrate on your core activities. In doing so, you obtain from DDS all geographic and demographic data from one source, thereby saving further organizational expense.

  • We offer Address Data upgraded for individual applications, if required. Our cooperation with reliable and renowned partners combined with the use of geo-information systems results in significant increases in efficiency in terms of both time and money.
  • GfK Financial Market Data: this is strategically vital information when it comes to marketing and sales decisions, and can for instance be extended beyond national borders. The standard financial market data are available at all regional levels from district to street section and offer you optimal support in the planning and management of sales and customer support via head office, branch office or field staff.
  • With the adaptation of your GIS (geoinformation system) application we can support you specifically if you wish to integrate new functions into your development environment, for instance, or if you need to process new data formats in your system. For example, a branch search for customers can be built into your web site or truck tolls can be taken into account in the computation of transport costs.
  • The implementation possibilities of your data originating from different systems can be significantly extended with our map matching technology: With our matching technology, geographic databases with varying degrees of actuality can be compared and integrated in a manner that is easy to understand, or they can be prepared for transfer into a GIS system. In addition, different datasets can be optimized, for example, datasets can be made routable through the linking of topological data, and provision of nodes.
  • On request, we also create basic maps for Oracle Maps® with your own layouts and styles and provide integration support for the Oracle MapServer.


Free test data
In our download area you find free test data of more than 20 DDS products.

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