What is geocoding?

Geocoding is the determination of geographic coordinates of any given locations. The acquired data can then be used to produce graphical displays for all your address data, or alternatively, route planning details can be transmitted to a navigation system.

Geocoding from DDS

On the one hand we can offer you MapUse 5.0, a high performance software tool that allows you to carry out the assignment of the corresponding geographic data yourselves. You can effortlessly illustrate transport networks in graphical form, determine geographic data for your existing address data or optimize your route and journey planning.

In the case of one-time requirements, assuming you do not wish to process a large quantity of addresses yourself using our Online-Geocoder, then we can alternatively offer an individual solution tailored to your needs. As a reliable and qualified partner we can then geocode exactly the addresses of interest to you. You therefore only purchase the data you need, thus further saving the time and effort of separating out irrelevant data.

Our references in relation to geocoding

  • The National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians - "Die Kassenärztliche Bundesvereinigung (KBV)":
    In order to manage anticipated medical requirements in Germany the association relies on DDS tools and geographic data. And since acute shortages of doctors have occurred in some areas, the KBV has developed requirements plans in order to detect and remedy supply-side bottle-necks. Using our geographic data and our tool MapUse we enable the KBV to carry out demand-oriented analysis and the comprehensive regional planning of medical provision.
    Along with the number of registered automobiles in Germany the market has also grown for the company CARGLASS Deutschland GmbH. The business repairs and replaces damaged windshields throughout Germany and has left nothing to chance in its expansion plans. DDS supports CARGLASS with site analysis using MapUse and spatial data, and thus enables the organization to offer its customers an absolutely cost-free and mobile repair service. The reason for this is the optimized arrangement of locations of the 153 service centers throughout Germany, in which CARGLASS can offer comparably low-cost windshield repairs unique in the sector.


Free test data
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