For the consolidation and enhancement of a strong market position it is beneficial to gather and analyze meaningful information relating to market data according to significant criteria. This often involves complex tasks, such as the creation of new sales territories, for instance, where data on transport connections, age structure and regional buying (purchasing) power need to be taken into account. Likewise the number of competitors and the distance to your own delivery points could be vital factors.

  • If required, DDS can generate specific potential analyses corresponding to your market position and marketing strategy. Thus you obtain the desired information about the situation of your locations in comparison to those of your competitors. You can therefore determine your catchment areas and plan their expansion more effectively. We can furthermore ascertain for you the number of customers or orders from certain regions, and likewise the potential for customers that you could acquire there.
  • In many cases a site analysis can be valuable and vital regardless of customer potential. For many industries, particularly production and trade, high demands are placed on site characteristics and transport connections. Here we can help you analyze and optimize your location with respect to the topographic environment, transport connections, or proximity to customers or suppliers.


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