Individual territory planning tailored to your enterprise needs can secure you a decisive competitive advantage. Whether delivering your product to the customer or operating local customer service centres – you reap the benefits by these the maximum number of potential customers via optimized routing.

DDS is able to undertake crucial tasks for you in these areas:

  • The market-driven planning of service and sales locations, taking competitors’ local or regional presence into account.
  • Sales and customer-oriented computation of branch networks, allowing you to establish sales centers specifically to optimise turnover.
  • Effective segmentation of sales areas according to traffic, population or customer density, allowing more efficient and focused utilization of human and transport resources.
  • Territorial allocation optimized according to your individual requirements, by population structure, traffic conditions or your manpower resource in various regions.

It is naturally up to you whether you simply require the necessary purchasing-power and planning data or whether you would also like to make use of our consultancy and customization service.


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