The map shows data from DDS Haltestellen (DDS Public Transportation Stops) and DDS Schienenverkehr (DDS Rail Transport) using Dortmund as the example; likewise the DDS Bushaltestellen (DBS Bus Stops Germany) are identifiable.

The public transportation stops package contains the stops from the rail and traffic networks of almost all operators in Germany with the respective geocoordinates, the stop numbers, and names, as well as the type of traffic (long-distance traffic or regional traffic). If in addition to stops, you also require rail networks, the appropriate package is offered as a supplement.

The background map shown here has been created based on Digital Data Streets, the regularly updated, depth-digitalized road network from DDS.

Additional information is provided on the product pages for DDS Haltestellen (DDS Public Transportation Stops), DDS Schienenverkehr (DDS Rail Transport), and Digital Data Streets.

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