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The DDS DATA GRID has been on the market for two years now and, with its homogeneous and universal spatial reference, it has been put to successful use. Now, the spatial dataset has been given an application interface which allows it to use the GRID Data as a data service.

"Buying data is a thing of the past. Nowadays there is a timely data service which lets you access the data you need online", confirms Teddy Gruner from DDS, who is delighted that DDS Data GRID, which has been a market success for the past two years, now has the necessary programming interface (API) and can also be used as a data service.

The DDS Data GRID, which is available for the whole of Europe and other countries on request, offers uniform, universal, comparable and fixed reference values. The data record corresponds to the "INSPIRE-Grid" specification and is based on the "ETRS89-LAEA" reference system, with equal-area projections. "This means that GRID is independent of changes to administrative or postal areas and does not need to be maintained or updated", explains Teddy Gruner. The grid system consists of seven modular cell sizes with edge lengths of 100, 250 and 500 metres, and 1, 2, 5 and 10 kilometres. Naming cells with their "cell code" in a strictly logical manner offers several advantages. It means that these data can be used to great effect in long-term, detailed or cross-border market and customer analysis.

For example, logistics service providers who need to handle a growing number of packages from online business can optimise and expand their intricate network of shops using the DDS Data GRID. Insurance companies, banks and telecommunications service providers can also carry out optimal potential planning for their branches using these geometrical data.

DDS also offers potential data which correspond to the GRID data. At DDS DATA GRID level there are comprehensive geodata packages, like the "basic package" for example. This covers data on the number of people, households and buildings in each grid cell. The following packages are also available to build on this: population, purchasing power, buildings, psychography and specials.

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