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DDS has updated their Road Distance Matrix (EWS), which has been used in Germany as the standard instrument for quick and simple transport cost calculations for years. The new additions include forecasts for the lorry toll expected to come into force on federal trunk roads from July 2018.

The Federal Trunk Road Roll Act – the legal basis for charging the lorry toll in Germany – is significant for every transport and logistics company. The latest revision, in particular, means that the toll will apply to lorries on nearly all German federal trunk roads from 1 July 2018 onwards, has a considerable impact on trip and route planning. "This is why we've expanded our Road Distance Matrix – known as EWS. In response to customer demand, it now includes a toll forecast for the relevant federal trunk roads", explains DDS employee Teddy Gruner. The EWS has been the standard tool for distance calculation in the logistics sector throughout Germany for several years now. It enables quick and simple calculation of transport costs based on road distances between over 116,000 locations in Germany alone.

The EWS consists of a comprehensive database containing the relevant distance matrix for the recorded places. Thanks to the ASCII format, the data can be easily integrated into information systems on almost any platform. This makes both automated route optimisation and transport cost calculation possible for logistics companies or courier service providers, for example. "As well as integration into companies' own software environments, we also offer individually tailored distance matrices", says Teddy Gruner.

As well as the newly added toll forecast, the entire road network was revised for the latest release. Relevant changes were incorporated, such as those in Würzburg: a lorry ban has been introduced on the south ring road (federal trunk road 19) there. "The EWS now considers the altered routes that this produces for lorries and the resulting new distances", says Teddy Gruner. Furthermore, location information has been updated.

The EWS is not just available for Germany, but for the whole of Europe. Further information is available on the DDS website:

Contact person: Teddy Gruner, tel.: 0049 (0)721 9651 407, eMail:

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