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DDS is now offering the Road Roughness as part of a data package. The data can be used with HERE maps and show, among other things, the condition of roads throughout Europe. Whether "good", "fair" or "poor" – this information can be extremely helpful both for coordinating and planning roadworks and for route planning.

Current global expenditure on reconstruction of roads is roughly USD 400 billion a year – and is expected to rise up to USD 500 billion by 2050. States and communities invest regularly in road improvements. Whether it's a dip or a bump – the responsible authorities have a duty to ensure road safety and must repair any damage as quickly as possible. With its new product Road Roughness, DDS is offering an excellent tool for assessing road conditions and planning the necessary restoration measures.

Based on the HERE road network, Road Roughness assigns three categories of road condition: the categories "good", "fair" and "poor" follow the international IRI (International Roughness Index) standard for assessing the condition of road surfaces. In addition to the road condition classification, the "poor" category is further subdivided into two types of road damage: dips and bumps. Road condition data is available for Europe, North America, Australia, South Africa and parts of South America.

"Our experience has been that it is challenging to assess road conditions, because regular recording is labour-intensive", explains DDS employee Teddy Gruner. "The data that we offer are therefore an enormously helpful tool. They are automatically captured by HERE when they record the road network and are very precise and up to date. This means the federal government, states and communities don't have to do their own recording. Road Roughness has useful applications in the logistics and insurance sectors, too".

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