Newsletter 01/2019: API for Accessing Current Fuel Price information

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The latest product from DDS is the DDS Fuel Price API, an interface providing access to petrol station information from within your own application. This near real-time fuel price information allows transport and logistics operators to plan their refuelling stops across Europe as efficiently as possible, ultimately saving money.

Market analyses have shown that fuel prices at petrol stations in Germany can change up to 17 times a day. These price fluctuations at petrol stations can be seen in other countries, too, and in the transport and logistics sector in particular, intelligent information systems are needed to plan fuel stops as efficiently as possible. DDS now has a solution for this in its portfolio, building on its wide range of services with this highly useful tool: the DDS Fuel Price API. This interface developed by DDS provides direct access to the central database of our partner OPISNAVX (part of OPIS from IHS Markit) and can be integrated into existing applications and systems, such as Transport Management Software (TMS), scheduling systems and route planners. The data is available throughout Europe.

The DDS Fuel Price API shows, for instance, which country offers the best fuel prices, and whether it is worthwhile to stop at the next petrol station or whether it would be better to drive a few kilometres further on. "This API offers logistics businesses the opportunity to integrate fuel price as a key determining factor in a fully automated manner when optimising their trip planning. For instance, you can coordinate prescribed driving breaks with refuelling stops, thus saving money," says Martin Busch, DDS Manager of Professional Services, explaining the benefits of the new offer. "Because the data to which the API has access is available more or less in real time, day-to-day fluctuations in fuel prices are also taken into account." Furthermore, the API doesn't just provide price information, but also other information, such as whether fuel cards are accepted and the availability of other services at filling stations. "This is very important for long-distance drivers," explains Martin Busch, "because in their breaks they also need to stock up on food items, wash clothes or take a shower. This information can also be viewed via the API and considered."

DDS regularly expands its data-based and other services, often in close consultation with customers, so that it can rapidly respond to the needs of the market. The development of the DDS Fuel Price API is a good example of this. "With this API, we offer our customers in the transport and logistics sector an indispensable source of information, which can be easily integrated into existing planning systems," says Martin Busch.

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