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With the latest release of its Points of Sale (PoS) dataset, DDS precisely provides sales outlet locations throughout Germany together with their addresses and geocoordinates, and divided into 22 categories: from gastronomy, to furniture retailers, to supermarkets, which guarantees more accurate location planning and competitor analysis.

Alongside many other business planning data, DDS also offers for geomarketing applications information on sales locations - so-called Points of Sale, or PoS. These sales outlet location data set covering chains, franchises, and individual companies in various sectors, which are provided as "PoS Database Germany", include several hundreds of thousands of location data entries for hundreds of different companies. In addition to addresses and geocoordinates, opening hours and other properties can be provided in many cases. The data are divided into the following 22 categories: gastronomy, health care, consumer goods and everyday items, clothing, discount food retailers, furniture retailers, toy retailers/children's items, sport and leisure, home furnishings, sportswear, chemists, personal care, cosmetics, travel, electronics and communication, children's goods, garden centres, clothing and shoes, shoes, food, fuel stations, financial and insurance services, retailers specialising in DIY and leisure products, and motor vehicles.

"We update the Points of Sale twice a year using innovative, quality-assured, and automated Internet research technologies", DDS team member Teddy Gruner explains. "This ensures that the data is always up-to-date and provide reliables information base." In its new release, DDS has not only adapted the data to reflect the changing real-world situation, but also added an entirely new feature. "The PoS now also comes with building coordinates", Teddy Gruner explains, "so that, while the address coordinates always correspond to the street, the building coordinates indicate precise location – for example, in a rear courtyard or even further away from the street. This makes geomarketing apps that use the PoS even more accurate."

In the case of potential analyses, the data provide relevant information about the surroundings of a specific location or area. This allows evaluations to be carried out in the preliminary stages of a branch opening, and information both on the existing competition and on customer potential can be incorporated. "In this way, risks can be minimised, and prospects increased", Teddy Gruner confirms.

More information on PoS can be obtained from Teddy Gruner (tel. +49 721 9651-407, eMail:

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