Newsletter 01/2018

Road condition recorded automatically

DDS is now offering the Road Roughness as part of a data package. The data can be used with HERE maps and show, among other things, the condition of roads throughout Europe. Whether "good", "fair" or "poor" – this information can be extremely helpful both for coordinating and planning roadworks and for route planning.


EWS for toll forecasting

DDS has updated their Road Distance Matrix (EWS), which has been used in Germany as the standard instrument for quick and simple transport cost calculations for years. The new additions include forecasts for the lorry toll expected to come into force on federal trunk roads from July 2018.


New Interface for GRID

The DDS DATA GRID has been on the market for two years now and, with its homogeneous and universal spatial reference, it has been put to successful use. Now, the spatial dataset has been given an application interface which allows it to use the GRID Data as a data service.


Discover your potential business customers are located

DDS is now offering business analysis data not just for Germany, but for all European countries. The new data show where companies are based – sorted by economic sector, number of employees or revenue.


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