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In Germany, state and federal mapping agencies are continually collecting and generating current and exact geographic data. These data bases are, as a rule, extremely comprehensive and accurate. The State Mapping Agency of Bavaria (LVG Bayern) possesses such data bases. However, until today, only a few GIS expert users were able to work with the data "off-the-shelf".

To make this data collection more readily available to all GIS users, DDS developed a new data product within the framework of a PPP (Public Private Partnership) together with the LVG Bayern that combines the ability to directly open the relevant data and to have a high-quality map that can be zoomed.

The BAYERN-MAP PLUS uses the basis data of the Digital Terrain Model and Land Register maps from the "Official Topographic Cartographic Information System". They have been processed in such a way that the data are directly available in popular GIS environments and can be used for many applications, whether just for visualization or for supplementing other routable data bases.

Since the maps are vector-based, they can be arbitrarily zoomed. The current version comes with six defined zoom levels. At the final zoom level, it is possible to see the exact house number of every building. In addition, it is also possible to access any of the many attributes linked to the vector data, for example, street types or POI.

The source digital terrain model supplies officially surveyed topographic objects such as, places, built-up areas, streets, forests, rivers, etc. The Land Register maps supply the position of the land parcels and building footprints. In this way, the BAYERN-MAP PLUS offers the ideal combination of data from the official topographic maps and the Land Register maps with the advantage of being easy to work with and especially user friendly.

The BAYERN-MAP PLUS is available for immediate delivery for MapInfo and ESRI (SHAPE) GIS Software. Other formats can be supplied on request. For BAYERN-MAP PLUS you can download a flyer (German language PDF-file, 138 KB). In our Map-of-the-Month feature, you can also find an application example.