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DDS is a distributor for BING® MAPS in Germany and can also offer additional map and other data for most countries, worldwide. In addition, for frequently recurring applications, we also develop tools or system components with which you can integrate extensions of Bing Maps in your existing system environment for automated processes.

License models for Bing Maps

  1. Transaction-based model for Internet applications
  2. Known-user model for intranet and extranet applications, also available in a Light-Usage Package
  3. Tracked-asset models for GPS-basic localization, with or without routing functionality

At DDS you can also license Bing Maps for your application or website.

For many application areas, particularly in the areas of geomarketing and business intelligence, BING® MAPS from Microsoft can be used far more effectively through suitable supplemental attributes.

Primarily an extension with business analysis data, such as sociodemographic data or other market data, is offered here. However integration of administrative boundaries or postcode boundaries also significantly increases the informative value.