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DDS as the leading supplier of geographic data offers an extensive variety of data for all countries worldwide. You can also purchase additional map layers for extension of Bing Maps via DDS.

First and foremost, business analysis data, such as sociodemographic data or other market data, is recommended for the extension of Bing Maps. However, integration of administrative boundaries or PLZ boundaries also significantly increases the informative value.


Frequently the courses of administrative boundaries or suitable statistical regions are the crucial factor for an easy to understand and meaningful map presentation of regional relationships.


The digital boundaries of the 5-digit postcode regions are among the most important divisions for various marketing, planning, and structuring purposes. However, for many microregion considerations, the five-digit postcode regions are inadequate, since on one hand they are not divided with sufficient precision, on the other hand often, they are not comparable, postcode regions differ drastically relative to area and population.


Today so-called POI are a fixed component of numerous applications in the areas of marketing or location planning, as well as for private consumers. Integrated in many route planner and navigation systems, they are particularly characterized by special facilities, structures or buildings such as museums, monuments, or World Heritage sites, along a selected route. For location planning or area planning points of interest provide information relative to development of a specific location and its connection to private or public facilities.


A wide variety of socioeconomic data that enables relationships between population structure, location factors, and market activities to be understood and described, is indispensable for meaningful location analyses and successful geomarketing, for efficient sales and marketing planning, but also for many research projects and scientific projects.