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DDS DATA GRID – grid data for geographic analyses

Effective immediately – DDS offers new raster data (also referred to as gridded data) with the new DDS DATA GRID package.

The DDS DATA GRIDs are available in 7 microgeographic and macrogeographic layers. In the micro-grid range DDS offers 100 meter x 100 meter grid cells, in the macro-grid range 10 kilometer x 10 kilometer grid cells are available – you can select the viewing scale that is specifically tailored to your task.

Thanks to the unique allocation of the layers, detailed analyses can be directly reused, for example, on the local level, for summarized assessments, or on the regional or national levels.

DDS also offers a variety of data packages that are suitable for DDS DATA GRID. For example, you can use population structure data, purchasing power information, development or age structure distribution data, or data concerning psychographic regional assessments for your analyses.

Naturally, combination of DDS DATA GRID with many other (geo) data services from DDS and our partners is also possible, for instance with digital road maps from the navigation area, accurately-positioned building coordinates from the national survey, postcode maps and administrative maps, etc.

The advantages of the DDS DATA GRID at a glance:

  • Use of an internationally compatible GRID network – also for cross-border regional analyses
  • Analysis is independent from administrative or postal region changes
  • The region reference always stays the same for long-term market considerations and time-series analyses
  • You concentrate on the region data and not on maintenance of the reference areas