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In order to rapidly determine the distance between two or more locations, and to process these values, the distances of the route between two places must be established. After all, the best route between two places often does not generally correspond to the distance the way the crow flies.

Using our EWS "Entfernungswerk Straße" you have direct access to these distances between almost 116,000 places in Germany alone. EWS Europe, that can be combined with EWS Germany, contains almost 560,000 towns and cities.

EWS is a comprehensive database containing the corresponding matrix of associated places.

Thanks to its ASCII format, the data can easily be integrated into IT supported information systems on almost all platforms (Windows, AIX, P-UX, etc). This enables automated route optimization and equally, say, transport cost computation for trucking or courier service.

EWS Maut Deutschland (EWS – Tolls in Germany)

DDS includes the package EWS Maut in its range especially for the calculation of truck toll charges. As opposed to other EWS packages it only takes into account the chargeable freeway sections and accordingly shows only the obligatory toll-route distances for a given section. For cross-border traffic to Austria we also offer EWS Maut Österreich, which incorporates all toll freeway sections in this alpine land.

As with other EWS packages, EWS Maut can also be integrated into every IT-supported information system, platform-independent.