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FAW FREQUENZATLAS – full-coverage traffic frequencies for all of Germany

Available exclusively from DDS – the FAW FREQUENZATLAS for Germany. The frequency atlas was commissioned by the Industry Association for Outdoor Advertising (Fachverband Außenwerbung e.V. (FAW)) FAW develops and supplies an extensive quantity analysis and structural analysis of traffic flows. Thus it is possible to determine with virtual pinpoint precision the number and type of users of traffic routes, subdivided into pedestrians, motor vehicles and public transport.

The FAW-FREQUENZATLAS includes the frequency classes per road segment with full coverage for all German municipalities. In addition, the public transport frequencies for more than 2,650 municipalities are also available.

Moreover, on request, additional precisely tailored attributes, such as street name, postcode or geographic coordinates can be provided for all municipalities.

Thus the FAW-FREQUENZATLAS offers valuable planning assistance for outdoor advertising location decisions, and for all companies whose success depends on the structure of the traffic flows that pass by.

To keep pace with the constant developments in the road and street network and local commuter traffic, the FAW-FREQUENZATLAS is updated annually.