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In our download area you find free test data of more than 20 DDS products.

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As a leading data supplier of geographic information, DDS is able to offer a wide variety of data for almost every country around the world. Furthermore, with our many collaborating data suppliers worldwide, we are the first point of contact for your specific individual geographic data requirements for multiple countries.

  • Road networks and administrative boundaries often form the basic framework of geodata. These provide the basis, for instance, for producing a wide variety of thematic maps, or enabling the general spatial assignment of datasets.
  • Sociodemographic Data, containing details of population structure, as well as buying (purchasing) power and consumer behavior, form the essential basis – as planning data – especially for international marketing activities.
  • For the automated processing of large quantities of enterprise data it is necessary to allocate addresses to geographic coordinates, a process known as “geocoding”. These coordinates are usually contained in our Address Data and Gazetteers. We can also offer every kind of support in the individual geocoding of your address data.
  • For visualization and publicity purposes, and also for site planning, our Topographic Data, Elevation Data and digital Aerial Photographs are an ideal option. They provide, for instance, details of terrain features and land usage, and are also available in high resolution down to 0.25 meter. Furthermore they can be digitally processed and enable impressive 3D displays and simulations.
  • Digital Street maps are also a must of course, and we have these on offer for various countries worldwide in a variety of scales. For Germany, for example, we distribute the raster street maps of the cartography publisher Falk.