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HERE LOCATION PLATFORM– the online map service from Nokia

What is the HERE LOCATION PLATFORM (Maps for Life) from Nokia?

HERE – the online map platform from Nokia – enables easy access to detailed and reliable maps, as well as innovative services.

Functions and highlights of the HERE Location Platform (HERE licenses)

The road maps with plenty of supplemental information can be used for visualization, routing, tracking, sales planning or location assessment. In addition to street networks, aerial and satellite photos, points of interest, and administrative boundaries, HERE also offers elevation and traffic information, such as traffic congestion in real time, and truck attributes. Likewise, the map service includes important functions, particularly for location planning, with the isochronic and isodistance calculation and the possibility of calculating distance matrices.

The former "Navstreets" with global coverage in 196 countries is the basis of the street data. In addition to the online functionality, the HERE platform also offers offline utilization (desktop). Thus you can use all functions without restriction, regardless of whether an Internet connection exists.

Moreover, the integrated data extension of the platform, PDE (Platform Data Extension), enables access to high-quality supplemental data via the HERE Location Platform. Thus, for example, extended navigation attributes, information concerning toll obligation or postcode boundaries can be output. Since queries can be regionally and thematically delimited, the data volume to be transmitted can be reduced to a minimum, which means that applications can be executed more efficiently and more effectively.

DDS is an official partner and would be pleased respond to any questions concerning use and licensing.

HERE for developers

HERE has also provided extensive possibilities for developers – via an API (JavaScript APIs, REST APIs, Native SDKs) maps of the HERE Location Platform can easily be integrated in applications.

What data extensions (geodata) are possible for HERE?

DDS also offers a variety of extension possibilities for HERE (formerly Navteq or Nokia). An extensive range of interesting information that is suitable for the street network, is available, such as

  • Additional POIs
  • Sociodemographic data
  • Lifestyle data
  • Administrative boundaries
  • Postcode boundaries

We would be pleased to respond to your particular questions concerning the possible data extensions!