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HERE MAP CONTENT– street network data from Nokia (formerly Navteq)

What is HERE Map Content (formerly NAVStreets)?

The former NAVStreets, today HERE Map Content, is one of the most frequently used street networks and is suitable for navigation or routing applications, as well as for cartography or geocoding. Among its stand-out characteristics are depth of detail and density of information.

Thanks to the long-standing successful partnership with HERE, DDS can not only offer the street networks from Nokia as a data package, but can also provide consulting in all aspects of the versatile implementation possibilities. Sections or adaptations in existing data environments or GIS environments are also available from DDS. In addition, DDS also offers extension of the data with a variety of market data or demographic data that enables the street network to be used far more effectively.

In addition, DDS offers an optimized version of this data – "Digital Data Streets" – exclusively for GIS and geomarketing. With this slightly generalized street data, DDS provides a cost-efficient alternative that can be optimally used for many applications. Individually, depending on the system requirement, DDS provides Digital Data Streets on the basis of HERE (formerly Navteq) or TomTom (formerly TeleAtlas). Additional information on Digital Data Streets is provided on the appropriate product page.

Likewise, this data is also available on a sectional basis for different economic regions or specific cities.

With the HERE Location Platform, HERE also offers an online map platform with an abundance of supplemental information and functions.

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