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PRODUCTS / INSITEPRO – the online map service from Intermap

Because weather extremes in recent years, for example, have constituted an ever more likely risk for the insurance industry and according to experts this development will only intensify in years to come, reliable risk management systems are becoming increasingly significant.

InsitePro is ideally suited as a basis for the assessment and prognosis of weather risks, such as floods due to periods of heavy rain. The online service not only supports the insurance industry but also state governments or district authorities, and of course private property owners and investors in the real estate sector.

One important aspect of InsitePro's practicality is the ease of use. Since the entire calculation process is server-based and runs via the GeoPro middleware, and the only thing that must be done is select the analysis model required for a basis map, operation does not require any expert knowledge whatsoever. In this regard, the results of the respective risk analysis can be conveniently exported in clear and understandable documentation.

We would be pleased to advise with you with regard to other applications and specific practical applications on request.