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The elevation model, NEXTMap World 30, offers versatile implementation possibilities with 100% coverage of the Earth at a resolution of 30 meters and seamless data without blend.

Our longstanding partner, Intermap Technologies, meticulously aggregated the data from the three data sources, ASTER, SRTM, and GTOPO

NEXTMap 5, with a resolution of 5 meters, is also available for many countries:

 Source Solution (m) Accuracy (m)  Availability
 NEXTMap World 30 30 4.1m LE90%  All Countries
 NEXTMAP Europe,
 Middle East and Africa
5 1-3m LE90%  Great Britain
 Republic of Congo
 Western Europe
 NEXTMap America 5 1-3m LE90%  Carribean
 Central American
 North Amercian
 South Amercian
 NEXTMap Asia Pacific 5 1-3m LE90%  Australia
 South Pacific

See the accuracy for yourself!
Grab the sliding bar and move left or right to view the World 30 difference.

NEXTMap World 30

ASTER digital elevation model compared to the NEXTMap World 30 (right).