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KGS14PLZ / KGS12 – territorial breakdown in accordance with the official district-municipality key

Frequently, breakdown of the consideration according to official administrative regions is not sufficiently meaningful, particularly for marketing purposes or location analyses. Consideration of regions that are comparable according to density, structure, and in the ideal case, consumer behavior, is more effective for these purposes.

KGS14PLZ – the universal key in geomarketing

Planning of sales potential and targeting existing and potential customers for advertising purposes, are among the most important geomarketing tasks. Often this requires consideration of different spatial levels.

The most important of which are:

  • the statistical municipal districts for which official sales potential data exists,
  • the postcode, as included in every customer and location address.

ONE key for efficient geomarketing

The KGS14PLZ dataset combines the official structure (KGS) and the postal structure and supplements them by adding a detailed level with an average of 400 households. Thus a uniform, detailed regional structure is produced, the KGS14PLZ. With over 100,000 area units in Germany, this regional key is particularly homogeneous and detailed, however it is also easy to handle.

Compatible with all spatial levels

  • Approximately 100,000 extremely detailed, but not too small regions with an average of 400 household
  • Postcode-precise for easy geocoding of customers and location data
  • Based on KGS12 (see below), of the official subdivision of the municipalities, and thus the best official measuring grid available on the German market.

Easy and safe implementation

  • Layers can be integrated in all major GIS systems.
  • A broad spectrum of curatorial data makes it possible to find answers to virtually any question.