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KNOWN USER model: Licensing based on the number of known users

The licensing arrangement for intranet/Extranet applications (with required user log-in), for example. With this licensing arrangement a specific number of users has unlimited access to Bing Maps.

In this regard, the entry level package includes licensing for 100 users (full users) or 1500 users (light users). The more users you license, the lower the costs per user and year.

KNOWN USER model – light use license

Many CRM and business intelligence applications have a large number of users in the community that increases constantly and the users only require occasional access to the system. As a rule, this type of user does not require an extended range of functions and usually only requires a simple static map presentation in order to occasionally visualize sales figures, view thematically prepared maps, or display points of interest (POI).

To ensure the greatest level of flexibility for you we have put together this package, which takes this situation into account and is configured for a large number of "light users".

Attention: Special conditions apply for this license model; we would be pleased to provide you with more information in this regard.

We would be pleased to advise you of the included functionalities, the prices, and the special conditions in a personal discussion. Contact us today. We look forward to your inquiry.