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In our download area you find free test data of more than 20 DDS products.

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In order to build your own digital route planning system, integrate automated distance or route computation into your fleet management application or similarly implement a navigation system, you will of course require routable data. These contain the necessary road and traffic network details, such as turning restrictions, network topology, and so on.

DDS provides you with support in your routing data requirements tailored to your specific application. Initial information relating to routing data available for various countries can be found using our country search feature.

  • Our road networks contain, at various granularity levels, all the routing attributes required for route computation. Depending on application and exact requirements our sets range from basic networks to Digital Data Streets with resolution down to house number level. For road networks, further version- dependent, relevant information is also available, such as rail stations, airports or other Points of Interest (POI).
  • If distance calculation is your primary concern, the highway distance function "Entfernungswerk Straße" (EWS) delivers the required results. Distances between any two places from amongst 115,000 locations in Germany and more than 400,000 worldwide are stored in a matrix which can easily be integrated into your IT system.
  • Should you need distances only within a confined region or for selected locations such as company branches or customer sites then we are able to offer, as an alternative to the EWS, distance tables, which we will gladly produce according to your own specification. This gives you the maximum precision for your routing using a minimum of data.
  • In case you are utilizing your own Geo Information System (GIS), then the integration of our tool GIS-Plan is an automatic choice. This allows you to classify the underlying route sections according to your own specifications, and to apply your own speed profiles for various vehicles. This in turn enables the rapid determination of optimized routing, as well as the journey times to be reckoned with, whether by truck, automobile or by foot.