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ROUTEWARE – distance calculation for efficient fleet management

With ROUTEWARE the precise distance determination can be quickly and efficiently automated.

The distance calculation is not only suitable for determination of road kilometers in fleet management applications, it also offers calculation and visualization of distances, e.g. in electricity and telecommunication networks for pipelines or on waterways.

RouteWare also opens up numerous application possibilities for geomarketing and area planning. For example, reachability zones can be determined where the purchasing power that can be reached within a 5-minute travel time is presented.

RW NET SDK is offered particularly for developers and for integration in your own GIS. In addition to simple distance determination, modules for reachability analyses, travelling salesman solutions, or network analyses are also available.

RW NETSERVER is suitable for Internet-based distance determination (Location Based Services – LBS) and offers many additional routing functions.

RW NetServer runs independently of GIS platforms, however it also offers import of the major data formats and it can be combined with MapXtreme, MapServer, and other tools for map presentation.

The ROUTEFINDER FOR MAPINFO enables automatic distance determination directly from within MapInfo and can be used independently of the street network used.

The RouteFinder is also available for ArcGIS.