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For use in many types of applications, we offer the package "SCHIENENVERKEHR DEUTSCHLAND" (Rail Transport Germany). This dataset provides an additional valuable basis for all location decisions where the proximity of public transport plays a part.

The package is supplemented with overview data such as administrative boundaries, motorways, main roads, rivers and lakes as well as approximately 650 towns and cities as surfaces areas and as points. This makes the new dataset DDS SCHIENENVERKEHR DEUTSCHLAND ideal for visualization in all geo-marketing activities and internet applications, and is precisely tailored to enquiries from retail expansion consultants, real estate brokers, urban and traffic planners as well as logistics providers.

The lines of the railroad network comprise information regarding the routing of railroad, goods rail, suburban rail, metropolitan and municipal railways, mountain, cog and cable railways, museum and leisure lines, in addition to the magnetic monorail. Attributes regarding line utilization (in use or disused) and lines under construction are assigned to the rail segments.

The new package also contains approx. 13,600 stations and stops of the German national railroad, Deutsche Bahn AG, and others with the attributes "train stop for trains or suburban rail" as well as "in use or disused". All stops are available with corresponding geographical coordinates.