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PRODUCTS / TOMTOM MULTINET – the detailed road network database

The digital maps and street networks from TomTom (formerly Tele Atlas) are among the most frequently used and are suitable for navigation or routing applications, as well as for cartography or geocoding. Among other things they are characterized by depth of detail and density of information.

Since 2015, DDS, together with the PTV Group is the official TomTom distributor for multinational customers in Europe.

For more than 20 years, TomTom has been developing the world's most comprehensive digital map database. The result of this hard work is TomTom MultiNet, a road network database with detailed and extensively tested data for application providers in highly-developed countries.

Implementation in many navigation apps and systems ensures constant updating of the TomTom data. The "TomTom MultiNet" street database not only includes extensive, current, and accurate map data, it also includes additional information such as turn-by-turn instructions, street signs, intersections, positioning of center lines for passable streets, as well as streets in cities. More than 50,000 global data sources ensure continuous updating. Consequently, MultiNet is also suitable for demanding high-end applications, such as emergency dispatch, route planning or fleet management.

Thanks to the many years of successful partnership with TomTom, DDS can offer more than just the data from TomTom, we can also provide consulting in all areas associated with its versatile implementation possibilities. Sections or adaptations in existing data environments or GIS environments are also available from DDS.

In addition, DDS also offers extension of the TomTom maps with market data or demographic data, with which the road network can be used far more effectively.

For your particular application it is possible that slightly generalized street data will also be fully sufficient. In this case we offer alternatives, such as Digital Data Streets, our road network based on refined and prepared TomTom data. Information on Digital Data Streets is provided on the appropriate product page.

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