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TRANSACTION-BASED MODEL: Publically accessible websites on the Internet

This is the standard licensing for Internet applications. Licensing is based on sessions, i.e. transactions. This means that a specific number of sessions (session = opening a page, until closing the page) or transactions (transaction = call-up of a map, location search) are licensed.

Sessions are best suited for AJAX or Silverlight implementation, transactions are used for the web service. For easy entry, you profit in this case from a generously dimensioned basic package with 1 million transactions.

TRANSACTION-BASED MODEL: Internal transactions

If the number of actual users who access an internal application cannot be determined, BING offers you this variation of the transaction-based model. With this variation, as is the case with the standard licensing for Internet applications, a specific number of transactions are licensed.

Unlike the case of public Internet sites accessible at no charge, the internal transaction model only applies for internal applications (e.g. intranet) of a specific enterprise. Public websites are excluded. Additional sessions or transactions can be licensed on a flexible basis.

Attention: Special conditions apply for this license model; we would be pleased to provide you with more information in this regard.

We would be pleased to advise you of the included functionalities, the prices, and the special conditions in a personal discussion. Contact us today. We look forward to your inquiry.