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For the planning and assessment of sites, the connection to the public transport network is frequently a decisive factor. Besides the position of a site in relation to the surrounding stages and stopping points, departure frequency of the individual vehicles can also be vital.

DDS PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION STOPS supply information on most of the public transportation networks throughout Germany. The approximately 5,100 stops are provided with geocoordinates of their precise position.

The extended data package DDS HALTESTELLEN PLUS (DDS Public Transportation Stops PLUS), additionally contains the stopping points of the rail and traffic networks of other operators. Overall approximately 14,100 stops with the respective geocoordinates are available here.

A valuable supplement to the rail transport stops are the DDS BUSHALTESTELLEN (Bus Stops Germany).

We can offer other additional attributes on request.

If, in addition to stops, you also require railway networks, our package DDS Schienenverkehr (Rail Transport) is available.

The up to date ICE-STRECKENNETZ (High Speed Rail Network) with the names and coordinates of the 138 ICE rail stations is likewise available at DDS, and can be supplemented with the departure statistics of the individual stations if required.