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For market research, and for statistical purposes, surveys of individual consumers or potential customers are increasingly used in telephone or personal interviews. Because effective market research, (e.g. for evaluation of attractive outdoor advertising panels), depends on accurate information concerning the mobility of the person being surveyed, precise recording of the journey traveled plays an important role during the telephone interview.

TRIP TRACER is an outstanding support for such mobility surveys. The interviewer transfers the surveyed journeys traveled, including time and reason for the journey, directly into the software. Based on a cleanly-organized map display the validity of the entered data can be directly and jointly confirmed with the interview partner.

The means of transport used or the journey traveled on foot are also recorded and marked on the map in different colors. Thanks to the possibility of direct verification in the dialog with the interview partner, the interviewer obtains results of the highest quality and accuracy.

TRIP TRACER does not only consider routes in public transportation and street networks it also considers shortcuts through parks or other shortcuts. The interviewer can record routes of individual traffic as well as complete public transportation routes.

Approximately 220,000 points of interest are included for optimal evaluation of the data for the respective application. If rigorous requirements are imposed on the recording of individual characteristics, the interview partner's comments can be directly entered and shown on the map with pin-point accuracy.

Due to intelligent user-prompting TRIP TRACER is the ideal supplement for face-to-face interviews, as well as for integration in CATI systems (Computer Assisted Telephone Interview). TRIP TRACER can run under 32-bit Windows operating systems (NT/2000/XP).